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Top 100 Expository Essay Topics – 2022

Top 100 Expository Essay Topics – 2022


When you search for an expository essay on the internet, you might get confused rather than acquiring a better understanding of an expository essay because of so much contradicting information available. However, an expository essay is a piece of academic writing that explains a topic or an idea through logical facts and analysis. Students often turn to an essay writing service.

It does not involve presenting opinions about a specific topic to educate the reader. They are written in reaction to a prompt that requires the author to explain or expose a specific topic. For instance, when I write my essay, I keep in mind that an expository essay involves papers that explore the idea of how to do something, analyze an idea or an event, describe a process, and explain a historical essay.

An expository essay is categorized into six types based on the type of information it requires. They are

· A process explaining how to do a certain thing.
· Problem and its solution.
· Classification.
· Cause and effect.
· Comparison and contrast.
· Definition.

Like any other typical essay, it also is comprised of three basic parts. It starts with an introductory paragraph that ends with a thesis statement. The thesis statement must be based on facts. The introduction is followed by several body paragraphs and then ends with a conclusion.

However, the length of the essay may vary according to the required instructions.
If you’re a high school student or studying in university and looking for some interesting topics, an essay writer can ask for some suggestions from experts from an essay writing service but here are the top 100 topics that you can choose from to start your expository essay.

Explain gunpowder invention.
How does Jazz music affect our brain?
Explain the pros and cons of artificial intelligence.
Explain a particular psychological disorder.
Discuss the causes and effects of the Vietnam War.
Explain what characteristics make a person famous?
Explain how science helps people live a better life?
Describe the consequences of selling drugs on campus.
Describe why an employee should be a good team player?
Explain the invention of an object of your choice.
Explain why gang culture is spreading drastically.
Explain how to help the homeless and prevent homelessness.
Describe how gun control laws can influence people’s lives.
Explain how obesity socially affects people and their thinking.
Describe a social work you took part in, and how it made a difference.
Pick a planet and explain what it would be like to live there.
Can we allow children to watch all the sites on the Internet?
Explain what the possible ways can be to control pollution.
Responsibilities of a tourist
Describe how people’s attitudes towards mental illnesses have changed in the last decade.
What are the causes and effects of obesity?
Explain how the quality of education can be improved.
Does reading in bed cause vision problems?
Do we need vaccines?
Describe the qualities of a good teacher.
Is modern music good?
What is the significance of homeschooling?
What are the causes and effects of malnutrition?
Can only men be leaders?
Can a movie be better than a book?
Why do companies cut down forests massively?
Can people make the world better?
Travel in times of COVID.
Social media and the workplace.

How social media affects employee privacy.
Culture shock.
Workplace harassment.
Legalizing marijuana.
Gap year abroad.
The benefits of travel.


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Activism through social media.


Describe how the disease started and spread.

A significant trip you took.
Why don’t some people vote?
Removing money from politics.
Comparing how different countries responded to COVID.

Explain how COVID caused the economy to suffer.
Writing about the various ways people are protecting themselves from the virus.

The consequences of vaping.

Describe the process of vaccinating the entire country.
Eating healthy in college.

The prevalence of obesity in the US.

The history of language.

Vaccines: helpful or harmful?

Activism through social media.
Universal health insurance.
Censorship on social media.
Net neutrality.

Pass/fail instead of letter grades.

Characteristics of good teachers/professors.

Trade school versus college.

Value of a college degree.

Accessible high-speed internet.

Digital learning.

Funding charter schools.
Automation in jobs.


Open access to higher education.
Self-driving cars.

Effects on productivity.

Military technology.

Alternative energy.

Reading skills.
The minimum wage in different states.
Impact of work environment on health.
Impacts of globalization.
The high cost of poverty.
Genetically modified food.
Benefits of genetic engineering.
Stock market.
Wikipedia as a source of information.
Organic food benefits.
Healthy diet.
Toxic masculinity.
Literate vs illiterate.
How to set up a router.
Benefits of reading.

The intersection of feminism and race.
Effects of divorce on children.
Experimental learning.
Application of 3D printing.
The benefits of healthy sleep.
Youtube algorithm.
Child labor should be banned.
Restricted higher education.
Artificial sweetener vs sugar.

Characteristics of an expository essay

The main characteristics of an expository essay suggested by an expert essay writer are:

· Being descriptive. Most essays need background information to understand the topic effectively like essays related to science.
· Being illustrative. An illustration is very important, and it must be relevant. Evidence or reference should be provided to support the explanatory points.
· Being explanatory. An idea or a topic must be explained to support your points. All the information added must be analyzed and evaluated and should be supported with relevant information.
· Being analytical. Being analytical refers to a detailed examination of an idea or a topic by breaking it into several parts.
· Being not biased. The information included is unbiased.
· Clarity is another characteristic of an expository essay. The ideas and concepts of the writer must be stated clearly.


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